An update on what Dove Hill is doing these days and what you might find while visiting. Collections of antique paintings reproduced by hand, original art by M. Trimble, colorful pottery by a local artist and wood carvings of birds and seasonal pieces. Abundant fresh and dried lavender, dried hydrangea and assorted dried flowers. For the garden, lots of bird houses, vintage bird cages, statuary and pots. Beautiful hand painted furniture and unique antique accessories. For those of you who love the feel of cool linen you will find exciting clothing and bags. Of course there is much too much to report in this paragraph so come in and see for yourself. Looking forward to your visit, as always…..Doreen

Tea by Kousmichoff, created in 1867 at St-Petersbourg, one of the greatest ancient russian teas.  I serve a different blend of this aromatic and tasty tea each day.  We have four blends, Troika, Anastasia, Prince Vladimir and Russian Evening .  All with 20 muslin tea bags.

Our new tea available in January 2013 named Le Thé Renée is a blend of China and India teas with scents of bergamot, apricot and orange.  You will love this aromatic black tea.

Just arrived, the most beautiful hand carved humming birds.  Color and detail the carver has created make the birds irresistible to the nature lover.  2/17/14

Allens Hummer                                              Calliope Hummer

DSC01741DSC01735DSC01739 DSC01736 Ruby Throated Hummer                                   Black Chinned Hummer

Raw-Local Honey by Trimblebee Honey Farms has arrived.  We have it in 8oz jars ready to go.  This is strained non-filtered honey  produced by the wild bees in Santa Monica, California                                                 Chocolate Covered Cherries by Jenny are in the shop for the holidays , so delicious and beautiful.  A real treat.            Dec 2015
trimblebee honey farms photo 1coc cherries

#1 bath salts

Pure Epson Salt and Lavender to ease and revitalize tired, achy muscles and refresh skin’s appearance.   Pour salt under warm running bath water.  Soak for 20 minutes, and let the rich minerals absorb through the skin, offering relief to sore muscles.

Lavender essence has soothing properties that are known to encourage a better nights sleep.

Our bottles are all recycled and reclaimed.          2016

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